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I’m often asked, by the genuine submissives who are desperate to please me, what my absolute favourite kinks are. The things that excite me, make my heart race and my knickers wet.

I think number one on the list has to be genuine obedience and a desire to please. It’s harder to find than you would think. But when I feel like they really are there to be my plaything, my toy, that’s when my proclivities really come out and the fireworks start.

I think my other favourites come from emotional sadism. Anything that causes suffering, whether it be humiliation, degradation, or just the shock when I switch from being caring and ‘nice’ to harsh and punishing. Tapping into past trauma, reinforcing (but reclaiming) harmful self beliefs are also hard work and require a lot of preparation and the slow building of trust, but are ultimately more satisfying.

I like to see people at their most vulnerable. People who are normally composed, confident and self assured. I don’t know who they are outside of their submission to me, I don’t know, nor do I care how important they are. All I care about is stripping away all their everyday life trappings and taking them somewhere more primal and basic. The messier that journey is, the better. Sweat, tears, pee, all good. I like to see the submission in their eyes as they gag on my cock. The beads of sweat tumble down from their forehead as they withstand my beating. The pitiful helplessness as I empty my bladder and cover them with my pee.

It’s the control, the journey and transformation of capable adult into whimpering mess, and back again. Having the power to create, manage and lead that journey, take people to the deepest, most secret parts of themselves.

These are my favourite things. This is why I do what I do. This is what sets my soul alight.

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Posted on 23rd October 2019

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