Ms Freya

Chastity Keyholding

Locked, helpless, denied, and begging for release. Delicious. I absolutely adore the way the male personality changes while locked. My subs, sluts and underlings become so much more attentive, empathetic and endearing. Taking their sexual pleasure out of the equation gives a D/s dynamic a wonderful purity that I find intoxicating. 

Whether you're new to chastity or it's part of your everyday life, it can be a bit lacking on your own. You may have specific goals in mind or things you would like to explore and need help or advice with. Or maybe you just need firm handed encouragement.

I will hold your key and take control of your manhood, and in doing so, your whole world. Every time you wake up with an attempted erection, you will feel my power over you. Every time you shower, you will be reminded of your subservience. 

A dynamic will be negotiated and agreed on, this may be total chastity and complete denial, or it may involve specific edging times.

 I have been a keyholder for many years and I delight in hearing about your uncomfortable morning wood and your embraressment at having to pee sitting down, but I also love the determination that some subs display to reach their goal is truely admirable. If you can reach the end of the month I am so very proud.

I offer very limited opportunities for keyholding services. I prefer to have very few chastity subs at one time, so I can give each of them the attention and care they deserve. I usually only have one at a time, but during the month of October (Locktober), I may have up to three.

I have three levels of packages, each including more and more of an immersive experience.


  • £50/month
  • Random spot checks


  • £150/month
  • Daily check ins, tasks, teases and voicenotes


  • £200/month
  • Daily check ins, tasks, teases pictures and voicenotes
  • End of month video call for unlock and JOI (Jerk off instructions) - I will guide you through your first long awaited and hard earned first masturbation.

Terms and Conditions

  • You will always keep at least one key for emergencies.
  • You may post me the other key, or give it to me at an event that we're both attending. 
  • I have experience with remote locking devices like the Cell Mate and lock boxes for keys. 
  • If you quit within the month, no refunds will be given.
  • I strongly advise that you already have a chastity device that you have practiced with and is comfortable for long term wear.
  • You will be instructed to remove the device at regular intervals for thorough cleaning. 

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