Ms Freya

Couples Introduction to BDSM

I've had the pleasure of helping many couples learn more about BDSM in a deeply personal and relevent way to them and their interests. 

With my 15 years of experience in the fetish scene, practicing BDSM privately, professionally, as well as attending numerous events, workshops and groups, I have a vast amount of knowledge to draw on to get you and your partner started. 

Partners come to me wanting;

  • Ideas on ways to introduce light BDSM or fetish play into their love lives.
  • Understanding of the safety elements and ways to make their play safer.
  • New things to add onto their existing play.
  • An introduction to their local scene and events.

I love nothing more than pointing you in the right direction, giving guidance and opening up your world. Everything I do is based on SSC (Safe, sane and consensual) play. 

We can simply have a video chat about what you're interested in exploring and the best places to start with that, (and how to avoid potential pitfalls!), or I can help direct or oversee your play together, via video call or in person.

My couples tribute rate is £80 for a video call lasting up to an hour, or contact me for information on in person rates.

Contact me here and lets get started!


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