Ms Freya


Shibari Rope Bondage

I have long been interested in the Japanese art of rope bondage, Shibari. I started out by just wanting a versatile way of restricting a sub's movement in more creative ways as part of a larger play...

Darkside Magazine Feature

Recently I did an interview and photo spread with Darkside Magazine and it's been published in the August issue. Topics included my background, how I got into pro-domming and my views on various...

Regular Slaves

One of my most treasured slaves has had to take a step away from the lifestyle for a while. I know people think pro-dommes are only in it for the money and see slaves as interchangeable but this isn’t...

Safety in F/m Dynamics

It has come to my attention that safety seems to be pretty low down the priority list for male S types when engaging in BDSM activities with a female D type. I can only guess at the reasons but these are...

What Really Gets Me Off


I’m often asked, by the genuine submissives who are desperate to please me, what my absolute favourite kinks are. The things that excite me, make my heart race and my knickers wet.

I think...


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