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An ongoing selection of reviews I’ll be adding to over time. I want to reassure potential clients/subs/slaves that I’m genuine and capable. I believe safe, sane and consensual BDSM to be paramount and that requires some degree of trust on both sides when you meet someone new. Hopefully the reviews I collect here will help to assure people that I take my own safety as well as theirs seriously. All reviews have been given with full consent to publish.


An ongoing selection of reviews I’ll be adding to over time. I want to reassure potential clients/subs/slaves that I’m genuine and capable. I believe safe, sane and consensual Bdsm to be paramount and that requires some degree of trust on both sides when you meet someone new. Hopefully the reviews I collect here will help to assure people that I take my own safety as well as theirs seriously. All reviews have been given with full consent to publish.



"Ms Freya is a wonderful mistress. I have been honoured to have had 3 sessions with her so far and hope to have many more. Each time is better than the last, as we get to know each other.

Being relatively new in exploring my kinks, I don’t always know what I need, but Ms Freya is great at finding what is right for you and appropriately pushing you to new limits. She is helping open up the kink world for me.

She’ll leave you tied up, black and blue if that is the punishment you deserve. But also reward you if you have really earned it.

100% go and book with Ms Freya, you are privileged to have her time.

~ slave A"


“A kinky friend and I bet against each other in all sorts of sports and games but instead of betting money the loser has to do a forfeit of the winners choice. These can be all different things but this time after losing a card game my forfeit was to contact a Pro Domme and request a torture session of anything the Domme wanted to do to me. I was given a choice of 5 Dommes and I could choose up to 3 hard limits but for each one my friend could add a request for a specific torture. I chose the beautiful Ms Freya and for an additional small forfeit I was allowed to request a choice of outfit. With my consent, my partner sent the final email so I had no idea of the three additional requests my friend had made. I chose Ms  Freya for her beauty and because she was a sadist but practiced SSC. The forfeit terms were way outside my comfort zone so I needed a mistress that would be sadistic enough but also keep me safe. 

When I arrived Ms Freya was friendly and beautiful and wearing the outfit I requested. We discussed the content of the session briefly then I was ordered to strip and kneel. I was tied up and the torment began. Throughout the session Ms Freya talked to me to make sure I was ok which put me at ease and explained to me what she was going to do next which heightened the nervousness and anticipation. She had a wonderful sense of humour but also laughed when she hurt me and clearly enjoyed inflicting pain. 

My hard limits were observed but I was pushed to my limits and they were stretched, but as hard as it was I always felt safe. Ms Freya is an expert with the whip, stunningly beautiful and great company but also with a sadistic streak not to be messed with. She read my mind and pushed me hard but never too far and I finished the session sore and bruised but exhilarated and grateful. I would not hesitate to see Ms Freya again for any type of session and if my friend has her way for another forfeit, maybe going even further. I know I will be ultimately safe however hard the task is. I have seen quite a few Pro Dommes and Ms Freya is by far the most beautiful and I would also say the best and most skilled. “

m from Brighton 



"To date I have had two extremely extraordinary sessions with Ms Freya, who has gently but firmly guided this newbie through my first ever experience into BDSM and helping me find kinks I didn't know I had, all whilst respecting my hard limits that we discussed at the start of our interactions. I won't go into detail of what happens during because that would spoil it. All I can promise is that I left with my mind melted in a good way and feeling extremely giddy from what I can only describe as a one of a kind and exceptional experience. I have my third session booked soon and honestly can't wait. 

~ slave M


"I'm a very inexperienced submissive and when I came across Ms Freya I was excited and booked a IRL session immediately. It was the best decision I have made up to this point. Even with my inexperienced nature she was very kind and friendly and put me at ease, but once we started the professional switch was flicked and it was incredible to witness. I would recommend Ms Freya to anyone no matter how novice or experienced. 10/10 Can't wait to meet her again." 

~ slave O​​​​​​​



“It’s one thing browsing the website and another thing booking a session. All I can say is that booking the session will be the best decision you make as it was for me! Meeting Ms Freya for the first time was nerve racking but after a couple of minutes she put me completely at ease. After a nice conversion we proceeded to the room and I was ordered to strip naked and wait on my knees. Ms Freya proceeded from the bathroom and that was the moment when I was gob smacked by how stunning she was... I knew I was about to experience something incredible. I won’t give away the details of our session but all I can say is, I’ve been back for a 2nd session and now waiting for my 3rd.. Ms Freya is addictive"

~ slave R



I could not have imagined that the charming and delightful young lady that I had just met  in the hotel lounge would be fucking me in the arse only an hour later and laughing as she did so.
I had a most enjoyable but painful and humiliating two hours with MsFreya.  She seemed to be tuned in intuitively to my kinks and suggested some things that I had not done before.   Thank You MsFreya 

~ slave S


I was met at the hotel by a beautiful lady in a stunning green dress but, after going to my room and being told to strip and kneel, MsFreya appeared from the bathroom a true Dominatrix from head to toe. 

The next three hours passed in a whirl of rope bondage, pegging, human furniture and so much more. The most amazing assortment of whips, canes and other develish instruments left my back side red and wonderfully marked. 

Throughout Ms Freya’s smile told me she was enjoying every minute as I fell deeper into the control of her amazing  green eyes. 

A truly Stunning and mind blowing experience. Next session already booked and counting down the days. 

~ S of Cambridge


I arranged a post lookdown session with Ms Freya in a Stansted hotel. 

Ms Freya, on time dressed very discrete carrying a small travel case. Maybe I should say more a Pandora’s Box of BDSM & CP equipment. No dungeon necessary with Ms Freya’s Pandora’s Box.  Her wicked imagination included many special treats and surprises.

My request was for CP which was expertly executed. Whilst my limits were pushed Ms Freya knows instinctively how to take you to the edge. Other disciplines were also explored. For these I had little choice.

In my mid 70s I was introduced to a couple of first time experiences which left me with a huge smile on my face once the bondage and gag was removed. A wonderful erotic 2 hours with a beautiful sensitive true dominatrix. Her photo gallery is good but dressed in her dominant roll Ms Freya will take your breath away.

Thank you Ms Freya, I shall return soon to continue my further training. X

~Northern Rick.

June (online)

I absolutely loved the session for many reasons. As I am sure you are aware, you have a very alluring (and evil) smile.As fantastic as your pictures are, you looked even better over skype, and I loved the attire - I wasn't sure what to expect but I can safely say that expectations were exceeded! What I liked the most though, was that it feels like you really enjoy doing what you do (a perfect balance of being personable and professional).  



I have just had my 4th session with Ms Freya and wow! It is getting better each time as we get to know each other. She is absolutely striking and delivers all my interests far better than I ever thought possible. I leave the session every time just wanting to rebook ASAP. BEWARE she is very addictive.

~ Jtn


I've had quite a lot of sessions over the last 15yrs & I can say hand on heart you were the best ever... everyone else was boring and run-of-the-mill. Looking forward to seeing you again.

~ qaintz64



"I had the privilege of meeting Ms Freya trust me she is more stunning than she appears which I didn’t think was possible those eyes are amazing ! A statuesque beauty! She put me at ease with a casual conversation at the hotel bar. then preceded to room .She was amazing did things I’ve never experienced I was at her mercy. I totally trusted her . She genuinely was enjoying every moment a happy smiling sadist. Which makes a difference from the harsh D types who just seem to be going through the motions."

~ qaintz-64


"I advise you to approach Ms Freya as she is, not as the leather clad, very scary Domme you may have in your mind, but as a wonderful human being. She is someone who knows what she is, and knows what you are. She won't make bad things happen to you, unless you really want them, but more will understand you and take you to places that are within your grasp but that you've only dreamt about. She is demanding of her subs, but at the same time one of the kindest people I know. "

~ sbfM



"I met MsFreya in a vanilla hotel bar after communicating for some time due to a busy diary on my part. MsFreya was very punctual and discreet. She respected my limits and safe words. MsFreya took me very close to my limits and enquired about my reactions during the session. She has all the skills, and more, that she advertises and really seemed to get her own personal enjoyment from the session as well. Would highly recommend booking a session with MsFreya. "

~ badhabit85


"I had my first session with Ms Freya last night for any male masochist she is a dream
it was worth the pain to see her smile as she dealt with this slave. Good hard face slapping,
Breathing Control, Nipple Torture including hot wax, Very Good prolonged flogging of the arse and thighs, Pegs, the two hours went so fast l may have left some of the torture out. Very much a treasure, l will be hoping for further sessions. I was surprised at the number of toys and rope she had in her case. Wonderful to be at the disposal of a Mistress who enjoys her work so much. "

~ slavewilson


"I met Ms Freya in the bar of the hotel I had booked for the session. She turned up on time and looking beautiful but also discreet. We chatted in the bar as an icebreaker and I instantly felt more relaxed before heading up to the room. This was my first time ever meeting a pro domme so I was nervous, but despite these nerves I felt very safe and comfortable and Ms Freya introduced me to a number of kinks which have now left me wanting to try more. She also was the perfect domme for me as she was able to be firm but in a caring way which for me made it even better."

~ Unknown1243

"I recently had the privilege of visiting Ms Freya of Hertford for a really fantastic play session. What a wonderful afternoon. Ms Freya's communication prior to - and during play - was excellent. She makes use of her devious, creative mind - and captivating sadistic grin - to entice her submissive into her world of kink. Our session focused predominantly on bondage and punishment - and I witnessed and thoroughly enjoyed her full range of skills. Ms Freya is very intuitive and I felt very safe at all times in our play. She is very capable and knows how to keep her play partner fully engaged.

I thoroughly enjoyed our two hours together and will most definitely be back for more visits in the near future."

~ Tinga63


"I kicked off the year with an exciting session with Ms Freya. We met in the Hotel bar and she was dress as any other business profession. We chatted about the usual and agreed a safeword. The we walked like any other couple to the room. Ms Freya went into the bathroom and reappeared is a lovely basque. She immediately demanded I strip to my underware and kneel. My arms were expertly tied behind my back with rope around my chest. It was just tight enough that I knew I was totally restrained but not cutting anywhere. I was laid face down on the bed and blind folded. I was the treated to an hour of increasing intensity from a flogger, to hand spanking, a small cane and a rather smarting wooden spatula! She expertly warmed my bottom, responding to my reaction and using her nails to excite me even more. I was taken to the edge of what I could take. Amazing. The session needed with me kneeling again in front of her as she teased me with her gloved hands to the edge so may times - eventually when she had finished playing with me she told me I could cum and I did immediately. Loved every minute, and my sensitised bottom reminded me of this over the next few days. Thank you Ms Freya X ."

~ GiantKink72


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