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One of my most treasured slaves has had to take a step away from the lifestyle for a while. I know people think pro-dommes are only in it for the money and see slaves as interchangeable but this isn’t true. There are lots of lovely slaves and subs out there but my regulars always feel special somehow and I often look forward to our sessions as we’ve built trust over time and this just makes the sessions that extra bit better. We've gotten to know eachothers likes, dislikes, quirks, body language. Our dynamic starts to flow on it's own. It's some of the most fulfilling kink I do. It’s a loss when they have to stop seeing me, to us both.

If you’re looking for someone you can see regularly and build up a dynamic with, get in touch! One offs are welcome but I definitely have space for new regular slaves that want to build an ongoing dynamic.


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Posted on 6th December 2019


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