COVID-19 Precuations for In Person Sessions 

Due to Covid-19 there are some changes to the way I do things;

  • Clients are asked about their recent potential exposure risk levels in the week prior to the session. If I have concerns about risk levels we will postpone the session. If either of us have symptoms, we will postpone the session.
  • I am doing 2hr minimum bookings with a 25% deposit. This means I am seeing fewer clients and reducing the risk for both parties. 
  • Strict hygiene measures are in place, I expect you to abide by mask wearing rules, regularly wash your hands and avoid unnecessary risks. Sanitisation of toys and equipment will continue as it always has done. 

Outside of my pro sessions, I assure you that I take social distancing and risk reduction very seriously and I am not at increased risk in my day-to-day life.


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