COVID-19 Precuations for In Person Sessions 

I aim to be doing in person sessions again from early July at Stansted airport only. 

There will be some changes to the way I do things;

  • Clients will  be asked about their recent potential exposure risk levels in the week prior to the session. If I have concerns about risk levels we will postpone the session. If either of us have symptoms, we will postpone the session.
  • I will be doing 2hr minimum bookings with a 25% deposit. This will mean I am seeing fewer clients and reducing the risk for both parties. 
  • Strict hygiene measures will be in place, I expect you to shower on arrival, handwashing and sanitisation of toys and equipment will continue as it always has done. 

Outside of my pro sessions, I assure you that I take social distancing and risk reduction very seriously and I am not at increased risk in my day-to-day life.

If you are interested in putting your name down for my waiting list so I can contact you when I am sure sessions can resume, please fill in the contact form. 


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