Ms Freya

Stansted Airport

I am the the perfect stop over companion for the kinky minded soul. If you're travelling through Stansted airport for work or play, a session with me is the best way to make the most out of your trip! If you're flying from Stansted airport and have a hotel room booked on expenses, even better! 

If you just live in the area and don't want to travel too far, then booking a hotel with a discerning, commanding mistress is the treat you may or may not deserve - I'll be the judge of that, naturally.

I use hotel rooms around Stansted as I find them convenient, safe and discreet. You can often get discounted day rates and there are excellent transport connections.  The hotels near the terminal have high parking fees, so better if you aren't coming by car. The ones further away are either free to park if you're a guest or have a reasonable charge.

The airport hotels are all fairly new and built to be soundproof, but music can be played if you have concerns. 

I bring all of the equipment I need with me, all I need from you is your obedience.

Feel free to ask me about any specific queries regarding the hotels or the local area.


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